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“I consider in all of those Irish myths, like leprechauns,” Megan Fox mentioned in an interview with Esquire. “Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns. But perhaps was there something within the traditional sense? I imagine that this stuff got here from someplace aside from folks’s imaginations.” The Inside group does a persistently fantastic job delivering the best news on the right time, in an instantly relatable means.

How did The Nanny star Fran Drescher know that beau Peter Marc Jacobson was “The One?” Well, obviously, they each had scars from once they were kidnapped by aliens and implanted with digital monitoring chips. “I suppose that by some means we had been programmed to meet,” she claimed in an interview. “It’s the very same scar on the precise same spot.” But pop diva Celine Dion insisted on getting one which price $2 million. Sure, she made the funding whereas in Las Vegas—during a three-year residency—and she positively needed to protect her vocal cords from the dry desert air. But there isn’t any cause a device that puts moisture within the air should price greater than a Manhattan rental. The Grammys weren’t sufficient for Beyoncé, who now gets an insect named after her.

“I don’t have any individuals to depart my cash to, I’m a single man, I like to spend money. It’s my money to spend.” Makes sense, but it’s still lots of flowers. If you visited John’s home, there’s a pretty good chance you would open a door to a room that’s full of nothing but petals. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the Orson Welles traditional yet, but the “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane was the sled. It positive did look like that sled was burned on the finish of the film, but not so fast. It’s actually owned by filmmaking icon Steven Spielberg, who, as reported byThe Washington Post, dropped $55,000 to own this wonderful piece of movie memorabilia. Actress Amanda Seyfried didn’t go to Britain on the lookout for a taxidermied miniature horse named Antoine.

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It occurred in 2012, when researchers in Northern Queensland, Australia, found a brand new species of horse fly. So they named it “Scaptia beyonceae,” apparently due to the golden hairs on the fly’s abdomen.

He has 250 typewriters, in nearly every make, style and 12 months, and he makes certain to sort on one of them no much less than once a day. And for more crazy movie star tales, do not missThe 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Interview Moments. In a court case against his former manager, music famous person Elton John revealed that he spent £293,000 (that’s $395,four hundred in U.S. dollars) on flowers in just two years.

Pop singer Kesha claimed she was “very severe” when explaining her haunted body to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in 2013. “I was told I had lifeless people in me so I called my hypnotherapist. So then she said she had to exorcise my physique. And then I got a ghost meter to read it, just beeped at my .” Tom Hanks does not just take pleasure in classic typewriters, he’s an ardent collector.

“I’m a chilly ,” he elaborated, and defined that he would not care how boiling hot New York is in the course of July. If you assume Evan Rachel Wood, star of HBO’s Westworld, is going to point out up not ready to solid away demons, you’d be sorely mistaken. As she’s said in an interview, she by no means goes wherever without some sage and tiger’s eye—a gem that supposedly wards off witchcraft—because it’s the greatest way to wash “demons out of places.” They imagine that hip-hop is managed by a “homosexual mafia.” How much would you guess Rihanna spends every year on ensuring her hair is super pretty? If you guessed “more than 4 years at Harvard,” you’ll be totally right! The precise annual price tag is $1,168,000, according to sources close to the pop star.

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Researchers even claimed that the uncommon horse fly is the “all-time diva of flies.” Among different outrageously poor cash decisions too numerous to reveal here, Mike Tyson as soon as reportedly dropped an estimated $2.2 million on a 24 karat gold bathtub for his mansion in Ohio.

So she spent a whopping $50,000 on an electromagnetic area meter designed to detect poltergeists.

But Lowe is no less than conscious that “I sound like a crazy, Hollywood kook right now.” By subscribing, you’re confirming that you need to receive high-quality information and analysis from our business, tech, and venture capital analysts. Rapper Soulja Boy, actual name DeAndre Cortez Way, dropped some serious hints in that he bought a Gulfstream G5 jet as a 21st birthday present to himself, at a low-cost of just $55 million. On a radio show pet life vests for dogs, when asked about the rumors, Soulja would solely say that he was “G5 status,” which sure seems like he was confirming it. Soulja’s publicist issued an announcement admitting that the “elaborate rumors” are “not true.” Hopefully anyone told Soulja. When rapper The Game invests in a remote control Bentley GT for his son, he desires something special.

Why buy just one house when you can own the entire town? That was Kim Basinger’s reasoning in 1989, when, as originally reported in theNew York Times, she determined to spend $20 million cash to buy Braselton, Georgia, a 2,000-acre city with round 7,500 residents. Her original thought was to make it a tourist destination, with movie studios and a film pageant. But simply five years later, she let it go for just $1 million. The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wasn’t just a vegan; he was a vegan who thought his food regimen gave him superpowers.