Joo Won Discusses Their Famous Military Friends, Private Dating Style, And Dealing On “Alice” And “Ghost”

Joo Won Discusses Their Famous Military Friends, Private Dating Style, And Dealing On “Alice” And “Ghost”

Joo Won, Ivy, Choi Jung Won, and Park Joon Myun, the movie stars of the“Ghost that is musical” appeared as visitors from the September 23 bout of MBC’s “Radio celebrity.”

Joo Won and Ivy formerly worked together on the musical “Ghost” in 2013-2014. Both are returning to reprise their functions within the 2020 variation. Back 2013, Joo Won and Ivy had made waves once they kissed onstage during a performance for “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.” Joo Won said, “In the musical, once the track concludes, there’s a kiss scene. Individuals didn’t understand we might do this for a performance that is promotional. We didn’t have specific intent in head. We simply performed it like we might within the musical.”

He continued, “The most thing that is difficult me personally in that musical was loneliness. We perform a ghost, so nobody has the capacity to see me personally. It’s hard to walk around as a ghost. You’re attempting to draw out these hefty thoughts, but no body is wanting directly at you. It felt therefore lonely.”

In the present drama, “Alice,” Joo Won filmed a stunt that is real the roof of a building without CGI impacts. He stated, “At very first, we wondered if I happened to be actually likely to increase there. But on set, it is hard for an actor to state that it won’t be done by them. I was had by them on cables however it had been frightening as it had been therefore high. The employees people had been additionally stressed, therefore I tried to flake out the environment by doing a heart motion.”

Joo Won additionally chatted concerning the bath scene in “Alice.” He said, because I think about my body instead of focusing on acting“ I don’t like scenes where I take my clothes off. I would personally work-out whenever a meeting was had by the drama staff, so they really recommended incorporating a shower scene. I resolved also harder due to that. I’ve had individuals ask me personally if it absolutely wasn’t too risqué.”

About using the services of Kim Hee Sun, he stated, “We were likely to perform some final recording together but we couldn’t. This summer time, we needed to movie separately. due to the heavy rains” He also shared a funny tale from once they met up outside of work. “I happened to be in the home whenever I heard that she had been hosting beverages and I also went over. We resolved to own a few beverages. I was thinking that certain cup or more will be fine. But I’d a glass of wine and passed down. I woke up also it had been over. We asked if I’d slept long and they explained I’d slept for over an hour. We really can’t beverage alcohol. In past times, a sip would be taken by me because my seniors asked us to, but spit it down in a towel.”

During their mandatory army solution, Joo Won served as an associate trainer. “i might go on patrols and see who wasn’t resting. Them chatting, I would turn on all the lights in the center and wake everyone up if I caught. There aren’t a lot of individuals who patrol every hour, but I happened to be accustomed remaining up belated because of drama shoots, and so I simply patrolled because we ended up being bored.”

He proceeded, “A lot of this soldiers had been ten years more youthful than me personally, but everybody was concerned about whatever they would do after they had been released. I don’t believe fretting about ahead of time assists at all. If you’re nevertheless in college, stay static in college. We told them which they will be ok should they did their utmost each day.”

He served into the armed forces with Go Kyung Pyo, Beenzino, and BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Daesung. He stated, “There ended up being a conference when you look at the military. To offer the soldiers comfort and strength, we sang a BIGBANG track. That’s exactly how we became near. It absolutely was a bit of an group that is unusual but we received plenty of love. We’re nevertheless friends nevertheless. We sing just a little but when I heard Taeyang’s sound, We destroyed all aspiration for the mic. I desired to offer him the mic and merely pay attention. We mostly helped stir the crowd up and did the emceing.”

About their dating design, Joo Won stated, “I’m the nature to convey myself a lot more than other folks. I’m the kind to share with a girlfriend, ‘You’re pretty, i love you,’ but We stated it a great deal that my girlfriends got sick and tired of it. They received a relative line and stated, ‘That’s perhaps not something you state most of the time.’ I’m able to sincerely state you’ more than 10 times a day‘ I love. We felt a bit wronged. I truly intended the things I stated, but they explained that I sounded like a machine.”

He proceeded, “I don’t actually realize individuals who perform difficult to get. Right I am turned off as I feel that the other person is not acting from their heart. There has been a complete lot of situations once I stated we liked them first nonetheless they changed.”

Have a look at Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun in “Alice”: